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    Clustering Stateless EJB in 3.2 Problem

    toddmcf2002 Newbie


      I'm using 3.2 and a Stateless Session Bean. RoundRobin EJB works great when the caller is a java client outside of the server JVM, but when JSP does the EJB call it pins to the node hosting the JSP.

      I searched the forum on this and I've tried every combination of caching (and not caching) the Home interface and the Bean itself to no avail. It always gets pinned.

      I've used RoundRobin, FirstAvailableIdenticalAllProxies and FirstAvaliable.

      I've tried a blank URL (discovery), a list and localhost:1100.

      Again, it works great outside of the Server (remote client) but pins to the node hosting JSP the JSP page.

      Please help,

      - Todd