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    Recommended reading...

    Michael Bauer Newbie

      I have been searching the internet for books on JBoss clustering. I need to beef up on my understanding of clusters because I am working on architecting a project that may require them in the future. The project, at least for the short-term, is low budget, so using a vendor for most of this is probably out of the short-term question.

      Concepts I need to grasp:

      - What does HA cover/do and what does it not cover/do?
      - Difference between HAPartitions and HASingletons
      - How JMS works across the cluster (I read that you can do HA JMS as of 4.0+)
      - Best practices for hardware layout (proximity, both physical and on the network, policies for load balancing, etc)
      - How the HA Cache works, what can be put in, what cant
      - Using Hibernate instead of EJBs

      Up to now I have worked on JBoss for about 5 years, so I at least know my way around it. I know that EJB's have caused me troubles in the past, especially CMP, but I also know a lot of that has been fixed in EJB 3.0 specs. I am pretty sure I would like to just skip EJBs all together in favor of Hibernate. I also know I plan to use Spring for dependency injection (Yeah, I know a lot of this annotation stuff can be done in EJB 3.0 too). In addition, I would like to start right and use JTA and make most of all the system accessible through JMX. Again, I plan to use Spring and annotations to wire most of that together.

      Its a tall order, I know, but I need to get a fast-track handle on clustering. I know the general concept, and have been through a 2-week crash course on WAS Clustering, and I have a feeling from the online stuff I read the JBoss clustering works much the same way.

      If you fine ladies and gentlemen would kindly point me to some docs, I would sure appreciate it.