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    Migration web application Listener to cluster mode

    Alassane Ba Newbie

      Hello Everybody
      We plan to switch our application in a clustered mode in jboss 4.2.0.
      We are migrating the web module.
      Every time the application is deployed, we have to make some treatments. Right now, we do this using an application listener in the web module.
      But if we switch in a clustered mode, each node of the cluster will launch the treatments, what can be dangerous.
      We tried to do this using a singleton service. So we created a .sar which we deployed in the deploy-hasingleton folder. But we get NoClassDefFound errors because the service use ejbs which are only deployed later in an Ear file (which is clustered but not singleton).
      How can we make the service start after that ear is deployed ?
      Excuse my english. Ihope that it's clear enough.