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    Out Of Memory Errors

    cjain75 Newbie

      Struts 1.1
      Jboss 3.2.5

      When i Deploy my Struts enabled Application in Jboss 3.2.5 the response time is very fast but over the period of time as the usage of the Application
      increases, response time goes down considerably & memory consumption increases. At this point it starts throwing Outofmemory Errors.

      This is what i conclude with my usage of Jboss as Application Server.

      Using the hotdeploy feature of JBoss with struts enabled applications yields to OutOfMemory-Exceptions.
      JBoss tries to undeploy the old application and releases all references to it, but the allocated object are never garbage collected. Is this a problem with Jboss ???

      P.S. I havent yet tried deploying my application on some other Application Server.

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          Ryan Ho Newbie

          As far as the hotdeploy related OutOfMemoryErrors are concerned, they affect most, if not all, applications, and not just Struts applications. It seems that the memory allocated to loaded classes are not released, and not the object instances. You can get the details from the following Wiki page.


          Basically an effective solution would be to define a bigger MaxPermSize in your JVM settings.

          I have also worked with WebLogic and it also has a similar problem. However, it seems to be far less severe on the Solaris JVM than on the Linux JVM. I cannot confirm this for sure but this seems to be my experience