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    JMX architecture

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      "osifrage" wrote:
      "osifrage" wrote:

      I was wondering if anyone of you can help me understand the architecture of JBOSS. To my understanding JBOSS runs on top of JMX -- the components that make up JBOSS all register with a JMX MBeanServer. What isnt clear to me is how do the components that register with the MBeanServer communicate wit each other. Is JMX simply there to provide a Context, and components find each other via JNDI, or does JMX play a role in how components find and talk to each other? Can anyone please shed some light? For example if added a custom service to JBOSS that needs to interact with the TransactionManager, would I just be required to grab a handle to it from JNDI. Im interested in the architecture of JBOSS froma service/component developer point of view, not an end user of JBOSS. Any feed back will be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks in advance
      - Reed