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    filedefinition records in DB ????

    sulakshana injumuri Newbie


      I have successfully deployed jBPM process and could able to test it successfully. And i could even find the records related to deployed process in db(JBPM_PROCESSDEFINITION,JBPM_PROCESSINSTANCE.....).But there are no records inserted in the table JBPM_BYTEBLOCK,JBPM_BYTEARRAY.so, when iam trying to get the filedefintion of the processdefinition , its giving me NullPointer EXception.
      From the previous forum , its mentioned that the records in JBPM_BYTEBLOCK is inserted when the processdefinition is deployed.
      Please Clarify me , when it is inserted., what may be done to get inserted the filedefinition details in the DB.

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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          what version? which files are in the process (try to deploy 'locally to a file and open with your favourite unzip application), what does the code look like u use etc...etc...etc....

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            sulakshana injumuri Newbie

            I am using Jbpm3.2 version. I have deployed a webapplication which contains a simple processDefinition .And written the java code in a servlet to deploy and navigate through process.I have embedded jBPM engine with the web application and Deployed in JBoss 4.0.4.
            In the servlet i have written below code

             ProcessDefinition processDefinition=ProcessDefinition.parseXmlResource("SampleProcess/processdefinition.xml");
             ProcessInstance processInstance=processDefinition.createProcessInstance();
             JbpmConfiguration jbpmConf=JbpmConfiguration.parseResource("hibernate.cfg");
             JbpmContext jbpmContext=jbpmConf.createJbpmContext();
             String nodeName=processInstance.getRootToken().getNode().getName();
             System.out.println("ProcessDefinition Deployed");
             // some code to navigate thro process i.e signal and all......
             catch(Exception e){e.printStackTrace();}