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    Blog Portlet

    Jean Vence Newbie

      Has anyone successfully deployed the Blog portlet with JBP 2.6.1? I'm having some problems with missing JSF support jars and was wondering where can I read documentation or get help?

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          Jigna Joshi Newbie


          i am java developer and using jboss-portal-2.6.6.GA.

          now, our requirement is we dont want to use md5 hashing algorithm for creation of user and change password functionality.

          I have made my one java file which is extendig HibernateUserModuleImpl, and in that i ve override createUser method..and it worked fine...

          but, for chage password functionality i am not getting how to do..

          if i make my java class which extends HibernateUserImpl then it gives error...it's not working..

          if i make my UserPortlet extending current one and override storeProfile method..it is not calling storeProfile method for updation of password...so this idea is also useless.

          please help me to solve out this..

          thanx in advance..


          Jigna Joshi