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    interceptors in hibernate booking example


      I was looking at the hibernate booking example, and noticed that not only doesn't it use Entities, it doesn't use Session beans either, yet some of the actions are still annotated with interceptors like @Login (and of course Seam's interceptors). I was under the impression that javax.interceptor only worked on Session and Message-Driven beans, so I'm puzzled how this works. Am I misinformed, or is there extra power in JBoss AOP being leveraged over and above what JEE5 provides?

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          Nevermind -- I perused the source and the manual a bit more, and that cleared it up -- plain javabeans are managed by seam, so Seam takes care of adding the interceptors. Since I've little need for EJB's infrastructure, I might just go that route. Reminds me a bit of Spring, but without having to sprinkle Design Patterns or XML throughout my code ... yay :)