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    <transaction:ejb-transaction /> troubles

    Indrek Altpere Newbie

      Can someone explain to me exactly, how this tag being/not being in components.xml affects the application and how seam works ?
      Right now, we have problem with Icefaces integration, where file upload stops to work when this tag is in components.xml. things end up in Ejb not found exception.
      See http://www.icefaces.org/JForum/posts/list/6613.page for specific stack traces that I have already posted at icefaces site.

      To get things working again, we moved from ejb approach to pojo approach to get file upload working and also removed the ejb-transaction tag.

      Can anyone tell me what side effects does the pojo approach have over ejb approach and what would/could happen when we use ejb's and don't use ejb-transaction tag.

      Also if someone who knows about icefaces and long running conversations has any ide how to modify the uploadservet to get things working, that would be nice too.