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    migrate jbpm 3.1.3 to jbpm 4.4

    Guillaume Leblond Newbie

      Good  Morning,





      Our  development environment is composed by a Jboss 5,  Jbpm 3.1.3 and we use ejbs 2.1.  We wanted to upgrade our JBPM from 3.1.3 to  the new 4.4 but it seems to be very complicated.  There are no migration tools  available and as you know the project has been completely  revised.


      I have a few  questions about this:


      Do you know if an existing migration tool could help  us?


      Nowadays, we have 500 ejbs and 75 JBPM  processes.   Is this migration mandatory  for the future of our program?


      What could be  the cost of this migration?


      Can we expect a  performance improvement?


      I look forward to hearing form  you.

      Best regards.



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          Alejandro Guizar Master

          Guillaume, why don't you consider upgrading to 3.2? It is a much smaller jump, you get some new features and  improved stability and performance. The database models are sufficiently compatible as to allow for data migration. The API did not change much either. The 3.2 branch still receives periodic updates and you can even get dedicated support for it. Once jBPM 5 is delivered, there will be a complete migration path from version 3.


          On the other hand, do note that there is a process convertion tool from jPDL 3 to 4. The scope is limited to the process definition; no attempt at data migration is made. Given these comments you should be able to decide what is best for your situation.