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Load balancing with mod_proxy

Emjay Khan Newbie



I'm running into a problem in load-balancing a web app.


The application is deployed to 2 JBoss (ver 4.2.2) servers on 2 Linux machines.
They are fronted by an Apache (ver 2.2.3) webserver on a separate Linux machine.
We use mod_proxy, mod_proxy_balancer, and mod_proxy_ajp to have them load-balanced.
And we added the following to httpd.conf:


<Proxy balancer://my_balancer>
BalancerMember ajp://ip_address_0:port_0 loadfactor=80 status=i route=1 keepalive=on ping=1 retry=0
BalancerMember ajp://ip_address_1:port_1 loadfactor=1 status=+d route=2 keepalive=on ping=1 retry=0
BalancerMember ajp://ip_address_2:port_2 loadfactor=1 status=+d route=3 keepalive=on ping=1 retry=0
ProxyPass / balancer://my_balancer/ lbmethod=bytraffic nofailover=on


When the app went live, Apache complained like this:

[error] (70007)The timeout specified has expired: ajp_ilink_receive() can't receive header


Anyone has any idea why this happened?
What is it that I missed?

It would be great if anybody could help me out.


Thanks in advance.