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JBPM 3 : How to assigning a group task to a specific user

leod leod Newbie

Hello everybody,


I'm working with seam 2.1.2 and jbpm 3.2.7


Here it's my processDefinition.xml


<task-node name="step2">
        <task name="step2" >
            <assignment pooled-actors="David,Yvon"/>
        <transition name="toStep3" to="step3" />
        <transition name="cancel" to="error" />




I have a pooled-actors with two user David and Yvon


To display the task list I use : PooledtaskInstanceList (group task list)


When i am connected (Yvon) I see the task list


Now I want to know java code to assign this task to me (Yvon)


How do that ?


Thanks in advance