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    Is there a way to use Cache Listener to Process Cache Entry when it is loaded from cache Cluster?

    jessica jia Newbie

      Dear infinispan developers,


      I am working on a infinispan cache cluster with two replicated nodes. The object cached need to be processed to get some secondary result on each node. I am using Listener to do the processing, which runs good when I put the cach object in after the cache started. But I also want to have the cache entry processed when a node started and get the existing entries from the other node. Now it looks like the data entries got loaded when I call getCache, before I even addListener to the cache, the result of this is the cache entry is not processed with the existing entries from other node loaded when it starts. I can put some of my code in to deal with this after the cache entries loaded. But I am curious if infinispan has some work around for this issue? This seems a common thing for applications to me. Please let me know what you think, your feedback will be really appreciated.