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    jbpm5 - guvnor and a temp console issue

    Chris Melas Apprentice

      Hello everyone,

      I've tried both jbpm5.0.0 and jbpm5.1M1 but in few words i have issues with guvnor editing a process coming from eclipse and successfully building the package afterwards and the console getting updates if the package is successfully build. Specifically the cases are as follows,



      1. installed demo of jbpm5.0.0, with all default values (i.e. localhost, 8080, h2, fresh installation of eclipse and plugins from the ant script, designer-

      2. opened the jbpm-console the evaluation process showed up

      3. created a jbpm project in eclipse with the sample process that comes with the eclipse plugin, and changed the package to defaultPackage

      4. added the sample process to guvnor's default package from eclipse

      5. built/compile the default package in guvnor

      6. (issue 1) refreshed processes in jbpm-console but the sample process did not show up

      7. opened the sample process in guvnor and without making any actual changes in the process hit File>Save changes

      8. (issue 2) the default package could not be built/compiled anymore, an exception was thrown and the process did have some info missing. ( i think it's the case described here http://community.jboss.org/message/590481 )

      9. stoped demo and deployed designer

      10. in guvnor i reverted the process to the previous version that the building of the package worked and the building still worked but, (issue 2) after a simple file>save changes I was getting a nullpointerexception when building the package. I noticed from jboss log that it had to do with the jar jpbm-bpmn2 .....



      1. same steps from 1-5 as before in jbpm5.0.0

      2. refreshed in jbpm-console and all processes showed up - issue 1 resolved  in jbpm5.1M1  :-)

      3. opened the sample process in guvnor and without making changes hit save changes

      4. (issue 3) the process no longer showed up, when opening the process in guvnor i see a blank page (only the canvas the designer's toolbars and the designer itself loads perfectly) in the designer ( also tried

      5. the default package compiles normally in guvnor

      6. when updating from eclipse i see the changes but guvnor will not show the process unless i commit again from eclipse


      I would greatly appreciate if someone could please confirm that this is the case or explain to me what i'm doing wrong.

      Thank you very much for you time.