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jbpm5 Web Designer (Oryx based) without Guvnor integration?

Rama Kaldindi Newbie

Hi All,

I installed jbpm 5 (with bpmn2.0) and played with couple of examples using both the eclipse editor and the web-based editor. So even though, as engineer I like the eclipse editor, we would like to expose the web-based interface for our business users to define business processes (the very objective of BPMN).

However, I see that the Web-Designer (Oryx based) is tightly integrated with the Guvnor repository. But what we really want to do is:

- Use the  Web-designer integrated/cutomized within our web-app that does not use/integrate with Guvnor repository.

- Once the user created the Business Process, he/she would have option to 'export' the BPMN 2.0 xml file directly.

- Our app would let user send/upload that xml and the same can then be used with rest of the jbpm execution framework


To achieve above, I think I have following options:

A) Build a web-designer using Oryx framework directly

B) Decouple the web-designer shipped with jbpm 5 and use it for my purposes.


With option A) I would not be able to make use of the good-work that the jbpm team might have done already (for translations/customizations etc.).


So for option B):

- Is the web-designer code/binary (being shipped with jbpm 5) fairly indpendent so that I can use it? If so, can anyone point me to the right jars/wars?

- Does such jar/war capable of exporting BPMN 2.0 xml directly or the translation magic happen in Guvnor integration part?


Bottomline is Iam struggling to find the boundary between the jbpm 5 shipped Web-Designer and the Guvnor repository. So any help in this regard would be highly appreciated.