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AOP in jboss AS 7

Nagin Kothari Newbie

Is AOP module included in latest release of JBoss As i.e Jboss aS7? I do not see any aop related jars of config files in Jboss AS7

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    Kabir Khan Master

    JBoss AOP is not part of AS 7. The main reason for having it in previous AS releases was for our EJB container, however in AS 7 a different mechanism is used. The AOP project has not been under active development for > 2 years, and getting it to work with the modular classloading setup in AS 7 will not be an easy task. So, there are no plans to include it in AS 7.

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    Nagin Kothari Newbie

    We have developed some AOP interceptor around jboss 4.2 & jboss 6  in our  application on the client as well as  server interceptor stack. Now if we want to move jboss 7 then then How do I migrate those interceptor to new AS 7?

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    jaikiran pai Master

    The server side interceptor can be changed to a EJB3 spec interceptor instead of AOP. As for the client side interceptor, there won't be AOP style interceptor stack for AS7 so that's going to change.

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    klkoster Newbie

    Just read this thread and am curious as to what mechanism will be used (if any) to replace the AOP interceptor stack on the client. I have a problem similar to Nagin's, where a token needs to get passed from the client to the server on every call.

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    Andrei Chiritescu Newbie

    I have also ecountered the same problem while migrating to jboss 7 ... i was wandering if you found any solution to this problem ... client side interceptors

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    Andro Oba Newbie

    With JBoss 7, if I have a simple POJO (not an EJB3) and I want to apply an interceptor how I will do it with the new modular classloading of AS 7?

    Thanks in advance.

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    kkkppp Newbie

    It seems that old aop libraries still work, the problem is that aopc'd classes are not properly deployed. To work around this you may try -Djboss.aop.path=<your aop config> to deploy them manually