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How to get the inserted TASK id

kiruba garan Newbie



Im starting the process using ksession.startProcess it is starting fine no issues at the time of starting it is inserting one task in task table(i have one human task in my process) How to get the inserted task id





After this line how can i get the response taskid


directly if i use  addTask method im getting the response but the process is not starting

public static addTask(){










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    José Luis Granda Newbie

    Hi Kiruba


    When you start process, this execute the first node into process sequence. For retrieve task you need query for Assigned Tasks or Reserved Task or Ready Task

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    Maciej Swiderski Master

    In general, addTask method of class TaskClient accepts implementation of AddTaskResponseHandler which will get task id.

    But ... after quick look at WSHumanTaskHandler implementation it does not use response handler at all. So you could modify it if you like to do code changes in jBPM or use one of the query methods provided by TaskClient to get tasks available based on certain search criteria, as already mentioned by Jose.