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    Http behind proxy

    Henrique Oliveira Newbie



      I need use a HTTPRouter, but my esb-server acess the web using a authenticated proxy.

      How I can do it ?


      I'm using the jboss-soa-plataform 5

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          Thomas Cunningham Master

          I think what you need to do is set in your HttpRouter properties file:





          Where I'm a little confused in looking at the code is proxy authentication.   It doesn't look like we support that out of the box (maybe someone will correct me here).     I would try two things :


          first, setting http.proxyPassword= and http.proxyUsername=.      Maybe these will be picked up and it'll just work.


          If not, it looks like what you want to do is to extend the org.jboss.soa.esb.http.configurators.HttpProtocol.java class, specify your implementation in the property file, and make sure to setProxyCredentials on the HttpClient (see the proxy authentication section here):