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    BPM process stops after Human Task in 0.3.0.CR1

    jmorr003 Newbie

      Locally I am not able to get the switchyard-quickstart-demo-helpdesk to work, it stops after the Human Task step (Review Ticket in this case). The test case passes, so it is not obvious there is a problem, however checking the log output I see that it only logs the 'open ticket' task then exits.


      I tracked the change between 0.2.0 and 0.3.0.CR1 that causes the test to stop after the Human Task down to the org.switchyard.component.bpm.task.jbpm.CommandBasedWSHumanTaskHandler.executeTask(Task task, TaskManager taskManager) method, this commented line:


      //  tasks get completed by humans!

      // taskManager.completeTask(task.getId(), task.getResults());


      If I uncomment it, the test runs through completely.


      Is there an alternative way to get the test to complete besides this?