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      • 15. Re: SHRINKDESC-92
        Jesper Pedersen Master

        Lets get an alpha release out, so I can integrate it and try it out.

        • 16. Re: SHRINKDESC-92
          Jesper Pedersen Master

          Ok, coming back to this again.


          What is the current status of this ? I can see that the metadata-parser have been split out, and there is a Maven Mojo. It is a matter of adding an Ant task definition too ? A metadata-parser-cli could work too.


          I have been looking over our ShrinkWrap/Descriptors support in IronJacamar, and the next step would be for us to generate the Descriptors model for all our XSDs during our build. On a related note, the javaee artifact doesn't really serve our needs, since it includes all the Java EE techs. Easy solved, since we can just generate the JCA part in the same namespace as the javaee one. Ideally the artifact should be split into separate artifacts and maybe an overall one (like the current one).

          • 17. Re: SHRINKDESC-92
            Ralf Battenfeld Apprentice

            It would be perfect if you could use the maven mojo. There is a lot ongoing in other tasks and I am not sure that we can support an Ant task as well in a reasonable time.


            Besides of this, I think we made it as we agreed. You have full control about the descriptor artifacts. Please have a look at the shrinkwrap-descriptors-metadata-parser-test sub module. The pom already defines your ironjacamar descriptors for testing purposes. There should no restriction to include a similar declaration into your build process.

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              Jesper Pedersen Master

              Yeah, that looks pretty good. I'll look into getting the Apache Ant stuff into place.

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                Jesper Pedersen Master

                The usage is similar to the Maven mojo:


                <metadata-parser verbose="false"
                      <path pathToApi="${build.embedded.dir}/src/main/java"
                        <descriptor pathToXsd="common/src/main/resources/schema/ironjacamar_1_0.xsd"
                                 <property name="blah" value="blah"/>
                • 21. Re: SHRINKDESC-92
                  Ralf Battenfeld Apprentice

                  Thank you for this patch. I had to work on a production issue and couldn't response earlier. I will analyze and discuss with you and Andrew your additional JIRAs.




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