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    Please wait message for slow servers



      I would like to show the user a message, that the request has been sent, but it might take a while to receive the answer.
      The simplest idea, that I found is to give all links an onClick event, that shows the message-div and when the new page is loaded, the div disapears, because it belongs the  previous page.

      So I put the div somewhere on my page and make it hidden by default in the css-file:

      <s:link view="someview.xhtml" />
      <div id="#waitawhile">please wait a while..</div>

      div#waitawhile {
        visibility: hidden;
        position: absolute;
        top:0px; left:0px;

      But I have absoultely no idea, how to set the visibility-parameter to visible when clicking on the s:link in seam or where to start searching.

      Any hints are welcome, Pete