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    Problems with WebLogic 10.3

    Christian Lauer Newbie

      News for WebLogic developers/deployers:

      Oracle/BEA have released their new WebLogic 10.3 Version, which looks quite promising.

      Unfortunately this version still doesn't deploy the TimerServiceDispatcher component from scratch. I've opened a support case (#803225) to get this issue fixed. I'll keep you informed about it.

      Best regards,

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          Jay Balunas Novice

          Thank you Christian, I heard that 10.3 was going to be released - it will be interesting to see what made it in the release and what did not.  I'm sure the acquisition did not help the situation.

          Please let me know how your case goes.


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            Chris Simons Expert

            Knowing Oracle's track record, they forgot to include any of the fixes in the WL 10.3 tech release.  I have little doubt that this is just Oracle getting their new product name out there.  And if OAS 11g is anything short of an example, it'll be years before we see a new release for WebLogic.

            I simply cannot stand Oracle.

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              Christian Lauer Newbie

              Hi Chris,

              I don't share your opinion about that.
              The didn't forget to include the fixes. The new version properly deployed my test cases which have shown up the problems in 10MP1. Unfortunately my test case didn't cover the complexity of the TimeServiceDispatcher, so I've started the new case.

              Meanwhile the support has raised an CR for this issue (CR378634). I believe they'll get it fixed soon and a solution will be available soon. In general you shouldn't underestimate Oracle/BEA, they are provessional SW companies. OK, you don't have access to the source, which makes things hard to understand sometimes and so sometimes it quite hard to proove bugs in their products. But as long as you deliver detailed problem reports and help them to reproduce the problems they'll fix them sooner or later. So please be patient, I'll keep you up to date regarding this issue.

              Best regards,

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                Chris Simons Expert


                Thanks for the response.  I have high hopes for Oracle WebLogic, don't get me wrong.  As a previous Oracle developer, I have submitted SRs with Oracle many times over.  Their database support is top-notch, but I had several OC4J/Oracle AS SRs that went unanswered to this day and the support staff had very poor understanding of their own product.  I agree that they are a professional company and a lot of their business is generated through their support licenses.  After struggling with OC4J10.1.3 and an undetermined release date for OC4J11, I really was in quite a bind about what to do since our client is an Oracle shop.  Thankfully, the timing on this BEA acquisition finalization and the release of Oracle WebLogic is going to save my butt - or at least that is my hope.

                I will go check out the SR you submitted as I will soon need to work with this latest WebLogic release to get our Seam 2.0 application deployed.