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    TestNG With Eclipse

    Francois Eric Novice


      I am trying to get TestNG to run with Eclipse.  It works great with ant and I have tried with the classpath enumerated in the seam-gen readme file.  I also read all the posts on this and I also duplicated my exact ant classpath but there is still something wrong.

      Everything seems to load correctly when seam starts except for the components I declared...I don't see them loaded in the log. 

      My entities that are defined in my hibernate.cfg.xml are loaded but all my Facades which have @Name annotations don't seem to be loaded as components and therefore I get NullPointerException when trying to load them.

      When I deploy them they work fine and with Ant they work fine its really only when I launch it with the testng plugin.

      Any idea what could cause this(Seam not loading my components on startup for my testng test case)?