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Same object in diffrent conversation

Kevin Sapper Newbie

Hi Guys,

I've got a problem handling different conversations. I start a root conversation on which I open nested once to edit dataset via EntityHome.
Beginning a conversation and ending it works fine. But if I go back to the root conversation and open a second nested and then try to switch between the nested once I'm strangely working with the same EntityHome object. To switch I use the seam conversationList

This is the method changes the conversation. ConversationEntry is passed by el form the conversationList:

public void showConversation(ConversationEntry entry) {
        String node = tabManager.getNodeByCid(entry.getId());
        NavigationEnum page = tabManager.getPageByCid(entry.getId());
        entry.select(); //This is the conversation to goto

        model.resetModel(page, node);

Hope this are enough information.

Thanks for your help in advance, Kevin!