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    Draft github workflow document created

    Jay Balunas Master

      Hi All,


      I just create the initial github workflow document AeroGear GitHub Workflow & Instructions based on Hacking on AS7 and working in our own comments and thoughts from the team meeting.


      The only one I have not integrated with the branching concepts from Qmx - https://img.skitch.com/20111212-f6qd1bf38ucsw4gb56tcj2j1y3.jpg


      Qmx - could you write in this thread how these changes would effect the workflow?  Also what would happen when users have overlapping topic branches going at the same time?  The image you provided looks very linier.  I just want to make sure I understand it better, so we can discuss it.


      I'm also create How to Handle AeroGear Pull Requests document to talk about the steps we need to take for a clean merge, and other requirements.


      Please let me know what you guys think?