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Create Guvnor Asset Using Rest API

dme Newbie



Is there an example of how to create an Asset in Guvnor using the Rest API? I have tried to use the following code:

static String widxml = "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\" standalone=\"yes\"?><asset><checkInComment>Test</checkInComment><description>This is a Work Item Definition Configuration File</description><metadata><format>wid</format><title>Sample3</title></metadata><type></type><version>1</version></asset>";


    WebClient client = WebClient.create("");
    String content = client.path("drools-guvnor/rest/packages/demo/assets/Sample2").accept("application/xml").get(String.class);


    System.out.println("content = " + content);


    String authorizationHeader = "Basic " + org.apache.cxf.common.util.Base64Utility.encode("guest:".getBytes());
    WebClient client2 = WebClient.create("");
    client2.header("Authorization", authorizationHeader);
    Response response= client2.path("drools-guvnor/rest/packages/demo/assets").accept("application/atom+xml").post(widxml);
    System.out.println("response = " + response.getStatus());


  This throws a HTTP 415 exception.


If I change the type to "application/xml" I get a 406 error.


Can someone tell me whats wrong with my code, and if there is a sample which shows how I can add an asset using the REST API.