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    cache is Terminiated for unknown reasons

    dex chen Novice

      Hi, all:


      I randomly saw cache got terminated for unknow reasons.  Is anyone experiencing this? Or what is the root cause?


      I am on ISPN 5.1.3 final using H2DB cache store in embeded fashion. When my code tried to access the cache, it throws following exceptions:

      Cache 'keychain' is in 'TERMINATED' state and so it does not accept new invocations. Either restart it or recreate the cache container.

          at org.infinispan.interceptors.InvocationContextInterceptor.handleAll(InvocationContextInterceptor.java:108)

          at org.infinispan.interceptors.InvocationContextInterceptor.handleDefault(InvocationContextInterceptor.java:89)

          at org.infinispan.commands.AbstractVisitor.visitGetKeyValueCommand(AbstractVisitor.java:95)

          at org.infinispan.commands.read.GetKeyValueCommand.acceptVisitor(GetKeyValueCommand.java:60)

          at org.infinispan.interceptors.InterceptorChain.invoke(InterceptorChain.java:345)

          at org.infinispan.CacheImpl.get(CacheImpl.java:272)

          at org.infinispan.CacheImpl.get(CacheImpl.java:264)


      If it is kind expected, what's the suggested ways to monitor this?  thanks.