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    how to change logging configuration using jboss-as-maven-plugin

    frank luo Newbie

      I know how to change logging configure using CLI. (see here: https://docs.jboss.org/author/display/AS71/How+To#HowTo-HowdoIchangealoglevel%3F)


      But I'd like, and not able, to use jboss-as-maven-plugin with goal of add-resources to do the same. I googled really hard and couldn't find any hints on how to do it.


      So I will really appreciate someone can come up with samples.


      Things I need to do:

      1. add a new periodic-rotating-file-handler

      2. add a new logger, which is using the newly added file-handler.


      then potientially

      3. modify/delete existing file-handler/logger.