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    Arquillian 1.0.0.Final

    Bernard Labno Master

      New arquillian has solved some important issues and it would be great to use JSFUnit with it. I've checked out sources of Beta3-SNAPSHOT and adjusted POMs but it looks like Arquillian API changed a lot.

      The problems are in JSFUnitProtocolArchiveProcessor. WebAppDescriptor lacks filter and getVersion methods. I have no clue where to get those from. Any ideas?

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          Davy Herben Newbie

          I'll just add a 'me too' here. I'm trying to upgrade to Arquillian 1.0.0.Final, but JSFUnit is blocking.


          Could someone from the JSFUnit team shed some light on when we can expect this? A while ago, a roadmap was posted with Beta3 in April and RC1 around now. Apparently things are going a bit slower than planned. Willing to lend a hand here. If there's anything you could use some help with, just let me know.