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    optimize performance of jbpm engine

    Dsire krish Newbie

      When more number of processes with human tasks are launched. The generation of subsequent tasks of a process was taking time.


      So after completing the task by client.complete()

      i'm intimating/signalling the server with

      ksession.getWorkItemManager().completeWorkItem(id, data);

      with this the engine is generating the subsequent tasks faster and i could able to retrieve it for my processing.

      1. But is this the ideal way of completing any task..?

      2. Is there any other way of notifying the engine about the completion of the task.?

      Kindly clarify.

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          Dsire krish Newbie

          The problem got solved and actually client.complete() is enough to complete any task and that internally calls the completeworkitem().

          When the process engine is restarted and in resuming an interrupted process, we have to use completeworkitem() on the task thats last completed.
          This will continue the process execution.