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Crow Command Newbie

I need integrate AeroGear+Postgresql and deploying on Tomcat.
I try of generate the  War file and deploy  on tomcat. I guess I need to copy the driver and  configure persistence.xml

how I do this?

where to copy the driver?

thanks ...

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    Jay Balunas Master

    Hi Crow,


    As we mentioned in the other thread AeroGear+Postgresql+Tomcat the aerogear quickstart example is based on JavaEE and so has some additional requirements that are not part of Tomcat.  Specifically about the backend services (JAX-RS/REST). 


    The client side is straight HTML and so can be hosted nearly anywhere, but without the services to point to it won't do much :-)




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    Crow Command Newbie

    So there is no way of connecting AeroGear with Postgres and deploy  in tomcat?

    My problem is that in my work have a Tomcat server and I was looking for ways to make an application with AeroGear+Postgresql and deploy it there.

    If anyone can recommend me something...


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    Jay Balunas Master

    The best approach will be to get JAX-RS, and CDI working on Tomcat (check their wiki's for instructions). 


    The client side piece is just straight HTML & JS pointing to RESTful endpoints.  It does not really care what executes the RESTful endpoints, so as long as the services return the same as described here.