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    High latency in JBOSS remoting framework for invoking remote EJBs in JBOSS7.1.1

    Mayank Gupta Newbie

      I am facing a low latency issue while invoking a remote EJB using JBOSS remoting.

      On a client I printed the start and end time and similarly I printed the same on remote EJBs start and end of the method.


      I am consistently getting on average 2 to 4 millisec delay in a send call and 7 to 10 millisec dealy in receiving the reponse on client. This is total results in almost 10 millisec dealy which is not acceptable for my application.


      I am porting my existing application from JBOSS6.0.0 to JBOSS7.1.1. On JBOSS6.0.0 this delay is not more then 2 millisec.


      Attached are the stats of:


      JBOSS 7.1.1



      Started at Thu Aug 09 11:15:23 IST 2012

      Ended At Thu Aug 09 11:15:23 IST 2012

      Duration  in milliseconds: 78

      Sent: 09.08.2012 11:15:23,312 Received: 09.08.2012 11:15:23,390



      executeInstructionExecution start time is: 1344491123315

      executeInstructionExecution end time is: 1344491123381

      Time for one message in millis 66

      Sent: 09.08.2012 11:15:23,315 Received: 09.08.2012 11:15:23,381


      Total delay of 12 sec, 3 in send call and 9 in receiving



      JBOSS 6.0.0


      Test Started at Thu Aug 09 11:18:41 IST 2012

      Test Ended At Thu Aug 09 11:18:41 IST 2012

      Duration in milliseconds: 21

      Sent: 09.08.2012 11:18:41,309 Received: 09.08.2012 11:18:41,330



      executeInstructionExecution start time is: 1344491321310

      executeInstructionExecution end time is: 1344491321328

      Time for one message in millis 18

      Sent: 09.08.2012 11:18:41,310 Received: 09.08.2012 11:18:41,328


      Total delay of 3 sec, 1 in send call and 2 in receiving


      What configuration I need to do to get it down to atmost 3millisec?