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    JBoss AS 7 Startup time

    wqe wqe Newbie

      Dear JBoss AS community,


      The jbpm5 project provides totally six WARs to be deployed on the AS 7 . However , I have to  wait about 10 minutes for all these six WARS to be deployed successfully. I found that these six WARs will be exploded to about 1GB data during the deployment .It may be one of the reasons about the long deployment time.


      So , I want to ask


      (1) Jboss gives me the impression that it is lightening fast and has the blazing fast start-up time . So I suspect that  is it normal or take too long? If it is nornaml , any ways to reduce the deployment time?


      (2) Most importantly , I find that whenever the jboss restarts, all six WARs will be  exploded again to about 1GB data  even there are no changes in these WARs.  Can I configure JBoss such that it can detect if there are changes in these WARs , and only deploy the "delta" instead of all  six WARs every time during startup  ?