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    Jboss 6.1 - secure JMX invoker

    Hubert Lyczek Newbie



      I'm working with Jboss 6.1.0 Final.


      I've found artice: https://community.jboss.org/wiki/WhichRemoteInterfaceShouldIUseForTheMBeanServer.

      This article shows how to call JMX services from remote client. It has even a section dedicated for Jboss 6. In this section we can see that the code is ready for username and password.


      Thats great.


      But now I would like to secure remote calls. Thats the problem.

      All articles and discussions I've found, refer to file jmx-invoker-service.xml. But there is no such file in Jboss 6.1.0.


      Does anyone know how to authenticate remote JMX calls under Jboss 6.1?