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    How to access findMBeanServer via security policy permission?

    Shane Kingston Newbie



      In Jboss AS 7, we had a security policy file that was set via the command line (property "java.security.policy") that allowed Mule to access the MBeanServer. Now, ins AS8, this does not work.


      I have read that wildfly includes a custom security manager and you allow permissions.xml files to be created (as mentioned in the release notes, as well as here: [WFLY-400] Deployment descriptor parsing of META-INF/permissions.xml - JBoss Issue Tracker). I'm unsure if the same kind of permissions can be specified in this file, but I tried it anyway and it had no effect.


      If I add "-Djava.security.manager=default" to the command line, then the it appears the policy file work, however I also get an oracle driver deployment failure (java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError exception). This NoClassDefFoundException (Could not initialize class oracle.jdbc.driver.ClassRef) only occurs when the above two properties are set through the command line. Without the properties added, the oracle driver by itself will deploy fine. So, it must be caused by the security manager properties.


      Does anyone know the correct way to solve this issue?