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    What is minimal environment to run windup

    Steve Cohen Newbie

      Windup sounds like the perfect tool for the job I have to do - port an existing Web Logic application to JBoss.


      I did not write this application, know nothing about it at present as I am newly on the team that did develop it.  But maybe it's good that I know nothing about it, as I can handle the porting "unsentimentally" if you know what I mean.


      So it sounds like windup could really help.


      However, initial attempts did not end well.  I simply copied all the java and xml configuration source to a directory tree and tried to run the downloadable version against it.  This machine has JDK1.6, no connectivity to a maven repository and maven not installed.  Would maven 3.1 even build in such an environment?


      It died fairly quickly of a NullPointerException.  So I see I will have to get a little more involved with Windup and perhaps use the more recent version.


      I managed to build the GitHub version on a linux PC outside the corporate firewall.


      But looking at the readme, I see all sorts of requirements that may be difficult to meet in this environment and its array of firewalls, etc.  It seems to indicate that connection to a Maven repository (Maven version 3.1.x or greater) is required, etc.


      Is it possible to build windup and then transfer it to an environment where the code is and just run it, and if so, how?