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    JBoss EAP 6.3, jboss-cli-client.jar is Batch possible?

    Lloyd Meinholz Newbie

      Is it possible to create a batch for the CLI via a script that is using the jboss-cli-client.jar?


      I've tried unsuccessfully something like:



      CLI.cmd("next statement")




      Is there some equivalent that is available in jboss-cli-client (i.e. org.jboss.as.cli.scriptsupport.*)?



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          Stan Silvert Master

          CLI.cmd() is a facade for the JBoss AS7 Command-line public API.  I believe this API is at a lower level than where the "batch" command is handled, and it won't work that way.


          But if you are using the CLI class I don't understand why you would need scripting.  You have the full power of a programming language at your disposal.  You already have a superset of the scripting capability.

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            Lloyd Meinholz Newbie

            Thanks for your reply.


            What I am trying to do is to build a library of reusable functions (groovy objects compiled in to a shared jar) that I can call from a groovy script. So I can use the same utility jar file for multiple servers in multiple environments. The scripts read the properties from a groovy config file. The goal is to automate and version control server configuration/management as much as we do with application deployments.


            Specifically what I'm trying to do is to wrap several commands in a batch (transaction) so that if any part of it fails, the whole operation fails. For example: my deployment script will deploy a new datasource, then deploy a war file. If the war file fails to deploy, I would like to undo undo the datasource deployment (and anything else that was performed in the batch). It seems I could do that from the CLI prompt using the batch command but it doesn't seem to be available from the command-line public API (jboss-cli-client.jar).


            I could also make sure every command I want to be included in a batch also has a corresponding rollback function and manage the transaction myself, but that seems like overkill and not very generic.


            I could write my CLI operations in a text file and execute them from jboss-cli and use environment variables for my parameters. I don't like this option as much since it seems less flexible to me (you have to take care of the jboss-cli connection, setting the environment variables, you can't write user-friendly output of the commands etc.).


            I could also have my groovy script create a text file of the commands, including the batch and run-batch commands and have my script execute that file in a separate process, but that also seems a little like a hack (though this might be my best option at this point).


            The benefit is that after my library is completed, script commands will look like this:




            instead of this:




            That may not seem like a huge benefit but when you have parts of the CLI command that change from server to server and you are managing several application across 4 or 5 different environments, maintaining CLI text files starts to become bigger and more error prone.


            Maybe this is a fools errand and won't be helpful, but other than the batch issue, it has been working well for me.