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    KIE-Workbench simple guided score-card fail to deploy because of drl local types

    Avi Cohen Newbie



      I downloaded the jbpm-installer (jbpm-6.2.0.Final-installer-full)


      When I create the simplest Guided Score Card the deployment fails with the following exception:

      Deployment of unit ... failed: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Class org.drools.pmml.pmml_4_2.CodeScore not found in the project


      Digging into the generated source of that Score Card I found that org.drools.pmml.pmml_4_2.CodeScore is one of the local types that are declared in the .drl file.

      This exception sometimes points to one of the other local types from the generated .drl file.


      I tried to see if the is an issue with the .drl files and added a simple rule that uses its own declared type and got the same exception for that rule and type.


      If that is a real issue then I could avoid it with my rule files but the Guided Score Card generates its own files.


      Am I missing something?