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    WIldfly 10 vs JBoss 7 slower startup + bigger memory consumption

    Mirek Sz Newbie



      today I migrate my app  from JBoss 7 JDK 7 64 to Wildfly 10.1. JDK 8 64

      My app use serlvets, EJB (one), Spring and datasource access.


      I'm disapointed my app starts slower from 120 s to 170 s. And memory grew from 1.2G to 1.6 G. I created two heap dumps and compare it. The problem is in org.jboss.modules.Module.linkage.allPaths which in Widlfly contains over 13.000 elements when in JBoss 7 about 700 as we can see in screenshots.


      If there is some configuration options which I don't know.