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Andrew Oliver

JBossWorld day -1

Posted by Andrew Oliver Feb 28, 2005


After MotFG, we had a large reception given by Novell. WHOA, this had more people in it than the last 3 JBoss events (that I've been to) combined and it was only a "day before" reception and there are many late arrivals due to weather. It was also amazing to see so many big brands with booths. From Apple to IONA to MySQL to UNISYS among others. It was also interesting to see the number of folks who I traditionally thought of as in a competitive camp. We're in a different stratosphere now.


However, the most interesting thing was watching our own Bob Bickel try and demonstrate the MotFG "lighter than air" basket jump on a chair. I always envisioned him performing this primarily through diplomacy, but no...Bob is ready to start training in Kung-Fu under the One-armed boxer.


If you've arrived early for JBossWorld, then down at the dogwood conference room we'll be watching "Master of the Flying Guillotine". You're informally invited if you would like to wander in around 7:00pm.


JBoss Mail Server 1.0 Milestone 2-final has been released. This revision includes a number of enhancements over Milestone 1 in particular stability and security features as well as a new GUI installation process. For installation instructions, please see the previous M2 RC1 annoucement. For further details you can check out wiki, project page, and forum.


This is still an early milestone release; however, it is already used by a number of people as their personal mail server and has already seen corporate early adoption. Still our main target audience are those who can produce useful bug reports and test scenarios (developer/technical) rather that those simply wanting a mail server. That being said we are seeking more along the lines of the latter group for testing the installation process.


Work has been going on at the HEAD and in a "nokia" branch, but I've not been stationary long enough to cut the final release of the M2 branch. I'm excited by the work on the JAAS integration and the new mail store (for streaming blob support to reduce the overall footprint). We're actively seeking further contributors!


Secondly, we have already had some work done on the "cheese" support package which supplies the graphical ant-based installer; however, more work is still needed to make the screen's prettier and more professional looking.


Interested developers should please contact us on the forums. You may email me directly (acoliver at jboss dot org) if you need help getting started and are too shy, but then you loose the benefit of the help of others.