A few months ago after my first release of RESTEasy JAX-RS, I realized that I had made a cardinal mistake with our JAX-RS implementation. I had yet to build any real application with it. I had yet to test drive it. In fact, I had actually never written a RESTful application period. So, with that in mind, I decided to build something so I could get a feel how good JAX-RS and REST actually was. But what to build? I thought of redoing Pet Store with AJAX and RESTEasy as the backend, but then I'd actually have to learn AJAX or some AJAX framework. Then I thought, I'm a middleware developer, why not make some piece of middleware RESTful? Thus, RESTEasy MOM was born. This blog entry is about both an exercise in RESTful Web Service design as well as its Java counterpart, JAX-RS.


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