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As promised a couple of weeks ago, we have released JBoss jBPM 3.1.1. Check the release notes for the applied changes and resolved bugs. As usual this latest release can be downloaded from our download page. Please use our active forum for questions and remarks.


Also, stay tuned because in the near future a number of other interesting releases are going to happen:

  • The first release of the 3.2 branch. It adds a number of interesting thing to jBPM such as an email node and JSF like expressions to be used in the process definitions.
  • Our BPEL extensions are entering the beta stage. Without doubt our BPEL guru Alejandro will elaborate on this when the moment arrives.


I also wanted to take this opportunity to shamelessly plug the different jBPM presentations during the upcoming JBoss World event.

We regularly receive requests for information about the use and adoption of JBoss jBPM in the real world. So it is evident that we are very happy to welcome to this great event a number of users that are going to testify about their use of jBPM.


I would certainly recommend you to register for JBoss World, come to Vegas, go to these interesting sessions and have a real big party with all of us. It will be fun!