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RichFaces 4.5.13.Final is available for download.


In this release we have fixed an issue with client-side validation in iteration components, fixed a4j:ajax listening to rowclick event and fixed an issue with a4j:status becoming stuck in certain situations. We have also upgraded jQuery to the latest version (1.12).


Release Notes


  • [RF-10813] -         Calendar: css class doesn't follow naming conventions
  • [RF-11635] -         rich:calendar missing attribute title
  • [RF-11915] -         MenuGroup with all items disabled or no items causes JS error
  • [RF-11941] -         mobile showcase - a4j:queue - Warning generated on server side
  • [RF-12092] -         a4j:poll : a4j:status never clears
  • [RF-12337] -         rich:popupPanel impacts layout even if not shown
  • [RF-12527] -         Drag indicator is not visible when popup panel is open
  • [RF-12653] -         rich:autocomplete needs two clicks to hide popup
  • [RF-12661] -         rich:tooltip causes NPE with null value
  • [RF-13127] -         onvalid and oninvalide pass wrong element when using rich:element with String field
  • [RF-13165] -         The rowclick event of the rich:dataTable is not recognized as a valid server-side event during an ajax postback
  • [RF-13167] -         disabled contextMenu/dropDownMenu/menuGroup/menuItem is missing styleClass
  • [RF-13441] -         contextMenu - when showEvent is dblclick then context menu disappear after invoking
  • [RF-14200] -         mobile showcase: links to VDL doc and Component reference
  • [RF-14213] -         fileUpload: custom progressBar is used only for the first item when uploading multiple items
  • [RF-14215] -         extendedDataTable: keyboard navigation fails when using lower values of @clientRows
  • [RF-14218] -         fileupload: error in browser console during upload


        Component  Upgrade

  • [RF-14217] -         Upgrade third-party libraries





  • [RF-14024] -         rich:select - clarify usage of autoComplete
  • [RF-14203] -         showcase: cleanup release profile
  • [RF-14211] -         component reference: tree: add images for default node examples
  • [RF-14212] -         vdl-doc: tree: add default value of @useDefaultNode
  • [RF-14214] -         showcase: stabilize integration tests with tomcat+myfaces
  • [RF-14220] -         component reference: select: add sample and more informations about using select in auto-completing mode
  • [RF-14223] -         showcase: stabilize integration tests

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