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Those of you who are watching what's being developed to support migration remember a short period of development of WindRide, server config migration tool; and also WindUp, application assessment tool.

Both had limitations - not only by it's scope, but also Windup had too simple logic for the plugins. That was enough for most of use cases, but for any more complex analysis, rule authors would have to go to Java.

Now with Windup 2, we are targetting both scopes (server and applications), and will let users do much more from within the rules.

Windup 2 is actually an modular engine which lets you create high-level scanners, conditions, operations, and then assemble them into a logic in rules.

But still, for the majority of simple rules, users will still be creating a simple few-lines long rule. Currently in Java syntax, later in briefer Groovy syntax.

Stay tuned

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