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Forge/Furnace based tests

Posted by ozizka Jul 28, 2015

Note for myself:


In case you get such error


java.lang.IllegalStateException: Test runner could not locate test class [org.jboss.windup.addon.ui.WindupUpdateDistributionCommandXTest] in any deployed Addon - Reason unknown.

at org.jboss.forge.arquillian.impl.FurnaceTestMethodExecutor.invoke(


It's because the test is using a simple Furnace container by default, and you rather need the CDI container, i.e.


        @AddonDependency(name = "org.jboss.forge.furnace.container:cdi"),


Would be nice if Furnace told you something along the lines of  "You are using the simple container, that means services should be registered as documented at http://..."



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