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The JBoss Portal team is proud to announce the launch of JBoss PortletSwap - a living, breathing, JBoss-Portal-based, community site devoted to the free exchange of JSR-168 compliant portlets and JBoss Portal themes/layouts. To mark the occasion, we have decided to kick things off with The First Annual PortletSwap Meet (pun intended), where three winners will be selected to win shiny new PlayStation Portables. The contest runs from August 30 until October 25, 2005. You can find entry information here.


Our underlying belief is that the portal community has long needed a reliable catalog of compliant portlets that can be easily plugged in to existing portal frameworks. Although the portlets offered on are preconfigured to work in JBoss Portal, they should theoretically work in most containers on the market today. We have already populated some of the existing categories with portlets and layouts for the community to download. As I said earlier, this is a living site to be maintained by the JBoss Portal team based on input from our large community of Portal contributors, corporate partners, and users.


Keep in mind that contributing JBoss Portal portlets, themes and /or layouts to JBoss Portletswap can lead to significant recognition of your efforts. It may become widely deployed with recognition attributed to you. As JBoss Portal grows, we offer employment opportunities to leading contributors who have made a difference. JBoss will run periodic contests with fun and useful prizes to recognize those who build portlets, themes and/or layouts that are recognized by other leading developers for their usefulness, innovation and style.


We hope to see you there taking part, and adding your work to the catalog for all to share!


Roy Russo

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