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So, it's been a busy couple of months of business travel. With lots more to come in September and October.


My travel has mostly focused on meeting with customers and partners to understand their needs, share our strategy, and discuss ways we might be able to help them.


In these discussions, I typically cover our strategic roadmap and development model for the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform and other JBoss Enterprise Middleware products.


Since the Red Hat / JBoss business model is built on selling subscriptions, the discussion leads to the definition of a Subscription.


Put simply, a Subscription is comprised of:

  1. Software bits
  2. Patches and updates to the bits
  3. Support in the use of the bits
  4. Legal assurance


While there's much more to say about each bullet point, that's basically the definition in a nutshell.


Since our products are open source, some people associate subscriptions with just support. In my Open Source Business Models: Definition of Support posting, I make the case that our customers need more than just support...which is why we are in the business of selling Subscriptions.

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