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Tom Baeyens's Blog

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Today we released JBoss jBPM 3.0 alpha 2. It gives already a quite comprehensive overview of how jBPM 3.0 final will look like. This release includes persistence and improved documentation.


The two areas where we are focussing on is documentation and database compatibility. This release includes about 60 pages of userguide, including getting started, tutorial, what is workflow and XML reference.


For improved database compatibility we created a separate package: Currently only hypersonic and postgresql are included, but the structure is set to add support for other databases quite easily. We encourage the community to contribute validations of jBPM against your database.

Download jBPM 3.0 alpha 2


Also the graphical process designer alpha 2 has been released. The graphical process designer is an eclipse plugin for authoring the jBPM business processes.


Download jBPM Process Designer 3.0 alpha 2


For questions and feedback, check out the forums.


Enjoy !


regards, tom.