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We just released jBPM BPEL extension 1.0 alpha 1. This product brings jBPM into the arena of standards-based enterprise application integration. Also, it adds value to the Web services stack of JBoss by enabling a developer to assemble individual services into a process flow. These concepts will be particularly appealing to those interested in implementing service-oriented architecture using JBoss as middleware platform.


This release covers five of a total of eight functional areas of BPEL, just enough to model simple to moderately complex business scenarios. The documentation bundle contains:

  • an introduction to BPEL, including the role within SOA, the industry support and the OASIS submission
  • a comparison with the jBPM process definition language, with guidelines for choosing the most appropriate language
  • instructions for getting started
  • two complete examples, a simple request/response and a moderately complex interaction of an automated teller machine with the bank business façade


To ease the deployment of web services implemented as processes, we supply the first iteration of a toolset for automating the generation of artifacts required in compliant WS4EE deployments. In the future, the jBPM team will collaborate with the JBossWS team to push the implementation of advanced Web services standards, such as WS-Security and WS-Addressing, in the benefit of the user communities of both projects.


Download jBPM BPEL extension 1.0 alpha 1


A big thanks and a pat on the back to desperados Alex and Juan, who made it happen. Great work, guys !


regards, tom.