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This poll was archived on Dec 21, 2009.

What the article you want to read first?

We are going to write some articles that helps you to understand and  effectively use Ajax4jsf and RichFaces. At least six articles are in the pool. What the information is most desirable? You can vote what article should be written  first. If you have other topic for the article(s), you can post them below. Those are abstracts for the articles in the pool. [b]Drag-n-Drop Made Easy[/b] - Describes the principles of the drag-n-drop feature and demonstrates how the drag-n-drop behavior might be customized for particular application needs [b]rich:dataTable Flexibility[/b] - shows the  flexibility of RichFaces dataTable layout and look-n-feel and demonstrates the component family (rich:dataList, rich:dataGrid, rich:dataDefinitionList, rich:dataOrderedList) based on Iteration Component API. [b]Skinability[/b] - Defines the basic aspects of the feature, overviews the way how RichFaces component look-n-feel might be customizable. Also, the article shows how to extent the Skinability feature to use with non-RichFaces components in your application [b]Ajax4jsf Resource Framework[/b] - Introduces the benefits of Ajax4jsf Resource Framework and shows how you might use it in your own application. Storing js and css files in jars, creating images on-the-fly, generating css files dynamically are the features that going to be demonstrated in this article [b]Using JavaScript with Ajax4jsf Framework[/b] - Shows how easy you can interact with JSF framework from the javascript and how simplify the javascript code with embedded prototype.js syntax [b]Ajax4jsf. Master Class[/b] - The collection of articles that show the basic principles of Ajax4jsf and specific of working with JSF lifecycle. Those articles alow you to avoid common mistakes and use Ajax4jsf framework and RichFaces component library effectively.
Poll Results
  • Drag-n-Drop Made Easy (14%)
  • rich:dataTable Flexibility (40%)
  • Skinability (10%)
  • Ajax4jsf Resource Framework (5%)
  • Using Javascript with Ajax4jsf Framework (9%)
  • Ajax4jsf. Master Class (23%)


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